Starting Slow

OK, here goes nothing. Really. It’s day one of my 30 Dates in 30 Days challenge, and I have a brunch lined up.

My date is staying at the Venetian/Palazzo, so I was hoping for brunch at Bouchon, since I loooove that place, or perhaps Canyon Ranch Grill, but no. He suggested Grand Lux Café. Fiiiiine.

This, of course, got me thinking. What can you tell by a man based upon what he has for breakfast? And what does my breakfast say about me? Naturally, I turned to my mystic, Google, for answers.

I found this interesting photo essay on The Current (which is a great site, if you haven’t checked it out, you really should). I couldn’t help but notice a) people hardly had anything for breakfast! I out-eat almost every one of them, and b) the vast majority of the brekkies are carb-laden with very little protein. But the best ones were the people who have nothing but coffee for breakfast. Kind of hilarious, and telling, too.


About SleeplessInSinCity

A single girl looking for love in Las Vegas, a.k.a. all the wrong places.
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