So Maybe Las Vegas isn’t the Worst City in America to Meet a Man…

It’s no secret that I think Las Vegas is an extremely hard city to meet men.
Or, should I say, date men. You can meet all sorts of guys here… but the good ones—ones who actually live here, and aren’t just staying at the Wynn or holding court in the VIP at Tao over the weekend—are hard to find.
Knowing this, it was rather shocking to learn that Sin City didn’t even rank in Marie Claire’s poll of the 7 Worst Cities to Meet Men.
So what centers made the depressing cut? Peter Pan-prone Austin; procrastination destination Boston; fratty Chicago; aspiring model-actress-sugar baby-filled L.A.; impossibly overrun New York and, with its unbelievable girl-to-guy ratio; and nerd-filled Seattle & SF.
I’m surprised that Miami and D.C. didn’t make the list… oh well.
Accurate or not, the overview did include a few noteworthy (and sometimes encouraging) details for women who find themselves looking for love in one of the places:

  • The average Boston guy gets married when he’s 30, which is among the oldest marriage age in the nation. Still, they do get married, eventually.
  • 66% of the population in Chicago consists of “families,” and the divorce rate is well below the national average.
  • There are 200,000 more single women in New York than there are single men. (No good way to spin that one, sorry)
  • Seattle is “the computer-assisted dating capital of the U.S.,” while San Fran is online dating ground zero. Still, nearly half of Bay Area guys have taken the plunge in real life, and walked down the aisle. Curiously enough, the article doesn’t mention whether or not they actually stay married…

So perhaps my chances of finding love in Las Vegas aren’t that bad… Or maybe they are, and because they’re so incredibly dismal, the staff at MC didn’t bother putting Vegas on the list. Why state the obvious?
Either way, I remain hopeful that one day I’ll beat the odds—whatever they may be.

About SleeplessInSinCity

A single girl looking for love in Las Vegas, a.k.a. all the wrong places.
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