It’s Raining [Old] Men

Can’t guys—men!—pick on someone their own age?

Lately, I’ve been getting all these offers from old dudes. Like… over 50. I mean, c’mon, guys! I’m in my 20s!

I actually like older mean—my ex is in his early 40s. But, at some point, May-December is just gross.

Still, I appreciated the humor of one of my recent hopeful geriatrics:

“I can’t say that I blame you,” he said, after I told him I thought he was too old for me. “While we may get along famously in the short run, one can’t help but look ahead to the time when you would have to wheel me around and change my respirator hose on a schedule. :-)”

So true!!

I once dated a guy who was 14 years older than me. We got along super well, and I truly loved him. Needless to say, it didn’t work out … but maybe it was for the best! Even when we were totally happy, I sometimes wondered what things would be like in 20 years, when I was 40 and still vivacious as ever, and he was old-manning it up, grandpa style, 54 years old and counting.

The math only gets worse as the years go on.

It’s kind of funny, when you think about it: Age matters when you’re young (15 dating a 29 year old?! Gross!), then not so much when you’re in your middle ages (30 and 44? No problem!), but it gets to be a major drag once old age sets in (60 vs. 74? No thanks…)

What do you guys thing? How old is too old?

About SleeplessInSinCity

A single girl looking for love in Las Vegas, a.k.a. all the wrong places.
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